Related research activities - Data Sharing Platform

In our last WG* meeting I presented the idea of a maritime data sharing platform.
Robert Aarts said that there are already related research activities in Finland that could be interesting for our project. Could you tell me/us how these projects are called?

Thank you and best regards,
Dennis Jankowski.

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Haven’t forgotten about this, but am still searching for some good pointers, that are publicly available… Hang on!

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Thanks again for putting me in touch with the Turku University, Robert!

I had an exciting conversation with Tommi Toamola (Research Associate) and Dr. Jarkko Paavola (Project Leader) last Friday. They are actually working on a quite similar infrastructure right now in their ARPA project (Applied Research Platform for Autonomous Systems (ARPA) – Turun ammattikorkeakoulu).

Unlike our Maritime Data Sharing Platform approach, their approach is intended to work only with selected data sources. This simplifies many aspects such as searching the datasets as well as building trust in the platform. Their focus is primarily on enriching the distributed data with metadata through the platform and afterwards using it for training AIs. Nevertheless, we would like to continue to exchange ideas, as the architecture of our two platforms also has many similarities internally.

In order to further advance the idea of the Data Sharing Platform, we now wanted to look for suitable EU calls in the new Horizon Europe program. If you are interested in the Data Sharing Platform, please feel free to contact me. We are currently trying to organize a group of interested people.

I have attached the current Horizon Europe calls here again. “Destination 3” could be particularly interesting for us.

Horizon Europe Calls 21/22:

Best regards,
Dennis Jankowski.